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My work:

Foxglove Forest School

The brief

Luckily, I had a head start on finding out all about Foxglove Forest School. As well as originally being a customer I worked for Holly for a while, delivering Forest School sessions (I’m a multi-hyphenate, baby) and helping with email marketing. So I knew the business from a few different angles and knew what needed to be done.

Holly had built the previous site on Wix and it was a bit wonky. She had also moved to Bath and started running new sessions there, while keeping the existing business going in London.

The main problems were:

  • It was unclear where parents should go to find out more about the sessions and to book.
  • Information was spread across several pages, each with not much text on them.
  • The layout and spacing of elements wasn’t looking great on desktop or mobile.
  • There wasn’t a cohesive colour scheme.
  • Holly wasn’t getting on very well with Wix as a platform.
  • None of the wonderful things customers have said about their experience of Foxglove were on display.

What Holly did have was a gorgeous business that helps kids and their parents spend time outside, get mucky and learn about the natural world. She also had a great logo and fonts designed and chosen by her talented brother.

The build

I selected a colour palette with lots of green to reflect the outdoors and made a fresh site in WordPress.

A whole new site structure means that the information on the toddler sessions is all in one place, with clear directions to the venues in both cities. I created a FAQ page so parents can find out everything they need to know before booking – and Holly spends less time answering questions on email!

With separate pages for school sessions and other partnerships, the site shows everything Foxglove has to offer, with room to grow and adapt as the business does.

I added testimonials throughout the site, showing social proof to encourage people to book.

The result

This was a joyful project that flowed really easily, as I am so familiar with the business. It was also sweet seeing all the photos of kids enjoying nature, including ones I had taken myself!

Holly and I are both really happy with the new website. Parents are finding the info they need and booking tickets.

And I get to keep up to date with how Foxglove Forest School is developing when Holly gets in contact to ask me to add or adapt a page on the site.
"Molly was great to work with. She was responsive and creative in her approach to making my website, at all times keeping the user in mind. Writing upbeat and informative copy to engage the user, She completed the job in a timely manner giving us enough time to give feedback, not that there was much!

I’d highly recommend her as a website designer, taking the stress out of the tech!"


I built this site before I discovered the world of sustainable web design. It’s not too bad though: the homepage gets a D grade from Website Carbon (still better than average!) and emits around 0.58g of carbon for each first visit.

The site doesn’t use analytics or leave any cookies.

Would you like a gorgeous website like this one?

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