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Kids Kitchen

The brief

Kids Kitchen runs healthy cooking sessions for under-fives and their families. From two mums with an idea, the organisation has expanded into a national network of hubs and a training programme. Having grown organically, there are now several different audiences and purposes that the website needs to serve.

The different audiences:

  • Parents interested in sessions
  • Current and potential funders
  • Current and potential partners
  • Nurseries and other settings interested in having sessions
  • People interested in the training programme
  • Professionals wanting to refer families to the sessions

Rebecca, the director I worked with, wanted to move the site from Wix to WordPress and have a redesign. The new site needed to clearly explain what the organisation is all about and allow the different users to get all the information they need.

She also wanted a new booking system. I interviewed Rebecca about the specific needs of the organisation and then researched and found a plugin that (almost completely) met these.

[Side note: this is not the first time I have found it impossible to find the perfect booking system or plugin. All of them seem to lack at least one of the features which I would consider a basic necessity for any business that takes bookings. Which I think is bizarre. But that’s a gripe for another time. Unless you are a software dev and want to collaborate on making one that works – call me.]

The build

‘Moving’ from Wix to WordPress actually means building a new site on WordPress. So that’s what I did. I untangled all the audiences for the website and structured the site and the menu to get everyone where they need to go.

I set up the new booking system and got the blog posts over from the old site (Wix made this unnecessarily difficult but we got there). Using the existing branding, I built the new site with a fresh look.

Some key elements of the new site:

Easy for parents to use

  • Video, pictures and FAQ so parents know what to expect
  • Booking integrated within the website

Pages for each hub

  • Information on locations and hub leaders
  • Blog posts by that hub
  • Booking calendar
  • Subscriber form to get news from that hub

About the organisation

  • Impact reports showcased
  • Origin story shared
  • Partnerships celebrated
  • Testimonials throughout

All the signup forms throughout the site are integrated with Kids Kitchen’s email marketing software. Subscribers are automatically segmented into groups depending on the hub or area of the organisation they are interested in.

I created logins for different members of the team. Session leaders and hub coordinators can manage their attendees and publish blog posts about the great work they are doing, all in one place.

I also made some of the pages into templates, so the team can add more as they need, like when they open a new hub.

The result

Rebecca and the team really loved the finished site. Shortly after we launched, they were recruiting. Rebecca told me the candidates turned up to their interviews knowing exactly what Kids Kitchen is all about, just from the website. Boom.

I loved working on this site as it was an engaging puzzle to figure out and I enjoyed finding out more about Kids Kitchen and what they do. My son and I finally managed to experience the magic of a session when we attended their 10th birthday party. Summer rolls are now a staple in our house!

Also, Rebecca and I had a right laugh during our meetings. Through these I developed a key part of my service: creating passwords based on my clients’ secret crushes.
"We approached Molly with a number of issues in overhauling our website.

We'd grown from a voluntary project into a larger organisation quite slowly, so our website was 'patchy'. We also weren't happy with the current host. Added to that, we needed a custom booking system that needed to feel effortless to use for a number of users - and this is not easy to find!

Molly's knowledge and research in finding the right booking solution made our lives so much easier. We found the whole process - of asking the right questions, clarifying what needed to be said AND calmly instigating the tech side just great.

We have already seen the benefits of the new site, our recent recruitment had applications that really knew what we were about before we told them and this is no coincidence.

Thank you Molly!"


I made this site before I learned all about lowering the carbon footprint of my sites. So currently most of the pages don’t have an amazing rating on Website Carbon. The homepage gets a C, though, so not too bad.

This website uses Google Analytics, as they wanted continuity from the old site. It uses cookies.

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