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Lisa Dunckley

The brief

I met Lisa Dunckley through my work at The Village London. She is a qualified lactation consultant, and helps people to breast and bottle feed their babies.

She does amazing work, and lots of it for free. She volunteers at several feeding advice sessions each week, and helps so many people.

She approached me to make a website so people could find out more about her private home visits.

This site needed to be easy to navigate, with clear copy, to make life easy for sleep-deprived new parents.

People looking for Lisa’s help are also often feeling stressed and worried, so we wanted a calm, soothing feel to the site. Just like Lisa herself!

The build

Lisa sent me some images and copy about herself and her services. She included a great explanation what a lactation consultant actually does. She showed me a few existing sites, fonts and colours that she liked the style and feel of.

Using these, I chose fonts and a colour palette for her new site. I edited and added to her words and wrote the copy for the homepage.

After setting up her domain, green hosting and her new email, I started building. The watchword here was simple. This is what Lisa asked for and what her customers need.

The result

Keeping it simple, the finished site has just four pages. Lisa just wants somewhere to direct people to get more information and be able to contact her. So while I set up technical SEO basics, we didn’t need analytics, email marketing or a blog.

The site has the calming vibe we were after. We are both happy with the finished project and now Lisa has a professional, reassuring presence on the internet for worried parents to turn to.
"I needed Molly to build my website - something I’d been meaning to do but just couldn’t get done. Molly got it done!

I chose Molly because she got it straight away. She easily understood what I needed; translated my thoughts and executed swiftly. 

The process was so easy, she was wonderfully responsive. Molly was patient with my schedule but gently encouraging to get me to do what I needed to do! 

I'm so pleased with the result. Just spot on and no amendments were required.

I’d compare the experience to an anaesthetic: utterly pain-free and when you come round, what needed to be done is - well - done! 

If you want someone that empathises with your vision, understands your concept and knows how to translate and execute to a finished product, then choose Molly."


Keeping things calm and simple really helps with the carbon footprint of a site too. Lisa’s homepage is rated A by Website Carbon with less than half a gram of CO2 produced on a first visit.

Lisa’s site doesn’t use analytics or cookies.

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