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My work:

Made Simple by Sam

The brief

Copywriter Sam found me through Doing It For The Kids (if you are self-employed and a parent you should take a look). We clicked and had a laugh on our initial Zoom call and decided to work together.

Sam was no longer feeling good about her previous site and it wasn’t reflecting her current business.

She got a lush brand refresh courtesy of Zoe Lacey and Sam already had professional photos of herself to use throughout the site.

We didn’t need to look far to find a copywriter as Sam is amazing at writing websites!

As well as updating the look, the navigation of the site needed to be clear.

Sam needed her prospective clients to easily:
  • find out about her different copywriting services
  • book a discovery call
  • sign up to her newsletter

The build

When I saw the bright, fun colours in the branding document I couldn’t wait to get to work! An interesting colour palette is so energising. There were great icons and patterns to play with too. I needed to get the balance right between making the most of them but not overwhelming the eyes of website visitors.

The vibe of the branding inspired me to do something a little bit unusual and I put the header and main menu down the side of the page instead of the top.

I absolutely loved having a copywriter as a client! Sam had already sketched out the sitemap (just needed a minor tweak) and put that along with the copy for every page all in one document. I just had to copy and paste. And when I needed any extra words or amendments they came right back with no delays. A dream.

The result

We are both very happy with the end result. Bright, engaging and getting her customers where they need to be.

I’ve enjoyed seeing her proudly showing her new site off and using her fresh branding on social media.

Once the site was live, we had a session on Zoom where I showed Sam how to make copy tweaks on her site. And during the call she helped me figure out something I was wrestling with in my own business so thank you again Sam!
"I needed Molly to create a new website that looked and felt more like me. Something to be proud of. 

The process was brilliant. Great communication, fast work, really responsive to feedback (even tiny elements) and really creative.


Exactly as it says on the tin: Molly gets it done!"


This site is a great demonstration that low carbon doesn’t have to be drab! Each page of this bright and eye-catching site produces less than 0.5g per visit. Some are less than 0.25g.

The homepage has an A grade from Website Carbon.

Sam’s website doesn’t set any cookies. She is on my website maintenance plan and gets a monthly report website visitors powered by privacy-friendly analytics.

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