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Privacy policy

Keep it safe, keep it secret

I am keen to live in a world where big companies don’t profit from knowing our every move.

I respect your privacy. Read on to find out what information I might have about you and what I do with it.

When you visit my site

I use the privacy-focussed Microanalytics and Plausible to find out how people are using my site.

It can tell me things like:

  • How people found my site (ie from a search engine or a link on another site)
  • Which page(s) they visited
  • What type of device they used


All of this information is anonymous. I don’t know anything that can help me identify you as an individual. No cookies are put onto your device and your IP address is not logged.

When you sign up to my newsletter

I collect your first name and email address and this is stored by Email Octopus (the service I use to send emails). I will never share your details with anyone else. I will just use them to send you my newsletter and if you unsubscribe I will stop.

I don’t use spy pixels to track if you open my newsletter or click a link in it.

When you contact me

If you book a call, your email address and any other details you provide will be stored by Cal and my email account with Fastmail. I will use this information to have the call with you. It will not be shared with anyone else.

If you email me, again that information is in my email account and I use it to respond to you.

I also use a project management tool called Notion. Your information may also be stored here if I need to remind myself to follow up on something I discussed with you.

When you work with me

I only ask for information on you and your business that I need to complete the project. This will be securely stored in Fastmail, Notion, FreeAgent and my password-protected laptop. I use an encrypted password manager.

Who is responsible for your information?

Me, Molly Scanlan. If you have any questions you can email I am registered with the ICO.

For more information on how I’m prioritising privacy, people and the planet in my business, visit my Not Evil page.