Get a website

but not just a website

What do you need?

A website can be many things.

A shop window.

A shop.

A member’s club.

A brochure.

An immersive interpretive dance experience (probably).

It’s a tool, and you and your business define its purpose. So if I’m going to build it for you I need to get to know you and your business.

I offer free 30 minute calls so we can find out if we’re a good fit to work together. I’ll find out all about you and your goals for your business. Then if we decide to go ahead we’ll get deeper into this so we’re both crystal clear on your ideal client and what you want them to get out of your site.

I love digging and finding out what’s really going on. The job you need the website to do might not even be the one you thought it was!

What do you get?

The website of your dreams, of course.

But there’s no point in just having a pretty poster to hang on the internet. Just like in (spoiler alert*) Shawshank Redemption, lift back that poster and it will get you where you need to go.

I’ll make sure your website loads fast and is easy for your potential clients to get around. The messaging will all be speaking directly to them, tapping into their needs and wants and prompting them to take that all important action.

The look and feel of the site as well as the words will tell people just who you are and how you will make their lives better.



* I haven’t seen it myself. I get the gist. He gets poo on him? Also it rains? Hopefully in that order.

Who do I think I am?

Hi, I’m Molly.

Builder of websites, untangler of problems, quick learner. Geeky, creative, empathetic.

You get to benefit from all the knowledge I’ve hoovered up about marketing, small businesses, systems and tech. So as well as a website you get insight, strategy and ideas for your business.

I also love making things more efficient. So if I can see a way you can use fewer tools, bits of software or accounts or use them better I’ll tel you. And I can research and implement a solution.

The websites I make are designed with the environment and privacy in mind. Together we can make the web less evil.

I used to be a teacher, so everything I discuss with you will be pitched at the right level and be explained clearly with visual aids. And I can read you a story at home time.

What's included?

  • Explanations and advice on hosting, domains, email and romantic relationships (you deserve better)
  • A website that does the job you need it to do
  • Clear messaging and navigation that speaks to your ideal client
  • A website you can use without feeling overwhelmed 
  • A tour of your backend (pardon) and training on how to use it
  • An Elementor Pro (the page builder I use) licence for at least a year
  • A website optimised for speed
  • All your integrations working perfectly (mailing lists, bookings etc)
  • Technical SEO setup
  • Phial of unicorn’s blood (while stocks last)

How much does it cost?

How long is a piece of string?*

The annoying answer is that it depends on lots of things.

How many pages? Do you have copy and images ready to go? Does the site have fiddly things like a shop, a member’s area or multiple languages?

Once we talk about your goals and where you’re at I can give you a no-obligation quote. To give you a starting point, take a look at the packages below. Guide price is for a 5 page website.



* Correct answer: exactly twice as long as half its length.

Got copy?

£ 2000 from
  • You hand over all the bits and pieces.
  • I set to work.

Need copy?

£ 2700 from
  • I hand you over to a splendid copywriter.
  • They give me the copy.
  • I set to work.

Need help with copy?

£ 2300 from
  • I hand you over to a splendid copywriter.
  • They give you guidance and do some editing.
  • You give me the copy.
  • I set to work.

What about afterwards?

After launch, I’ll take you through how to make small changes to the text on your site and upload blog posts.

For peace of mind, you may want to ask about my maintenance packages. If you sign up, I will keep a regular eye on your site and make sure everything behind the scenes remains up to date.

You can also bagsy a certain amount of my time each month: useful for adding more pages, making tweaks or hooking up new parts of your business.

Prices start at £50/month.

If you would like me to work on your website, get in touch.