I'm Molly.

Who am I?

I built my first website as a child in the late 90s. As far as I can recall, it was mainly a picture of Lisa Simpson playing the saxophone on a blue background. That was totally worth the painstaking process of waiting about ten years to see each change on a dial-up internet connection.

Career-wise, it’s been a bit of an elaborate journey since then. I co-founded an ethical clothing line and a photo library, became a teacher, led forest school sessions, dabbled in journalism and copywriting and finally found my way back to the joy of building websites.

Thankfully the internet is a bit faster nowadays!

As you can tell, I’m pretty good at taking on new challenges, making a plan and making it happen. My brain thrives on puzzles and I love finding creative solutions to problems. I like to think I would’ve been at Bletchley Park if born at a different time.

So if you fancy working with someone who can quickly understand where you’re coming from, collaborate with you on creative ideas and then wrestle with the tech to get it done, I’m your (Bletchley) woman.

And if you need a picture of Lisa Simpson on a blue background, I’m all over it.

We had a fantastic experience working with Molly to build Discoco.co.uk. In the depths of lockdown, we subjected her to lots of rambling video calls, scrappy drawings and long emails, all of which she managed to efficiently transform into a website we're really proud of.

She's a really calm, fun and easy person to work with, and had loads of great suggestions beyond web design that we've found really helpful as fledgling founders getting a business off the ground. Crucially for a small business with minimal budget, she also made us self-sufficient by teaching us to use the website properly ourselves after she'd done her bit so well.

Thank you Molly!

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