Molly gets it done.

About Molly

It's me, hi, I'm the web designer, it's me

Hi, I’m Molly

I love to get things organised and I don’t like clutter. Please – ask me about the labelled shelves in my linen cupboard.

I got into web design because I hate seeing websites that are messy and don’t make sense.

And I got into sustainable web design because I want to help make the planet less messy and make things make more sense for its inhabitants.

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No cookies or invasive tracking. (You still get analytics!)

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Each page of your site should produce less than 0.5g of C02 per visit.

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Optimised for speed and for your customers to take action.

My origin story

Luckily, I didn’t have to witness a murder or fall into toxic waste to become the hero I am today.

I built my first website as a child in the late 90s. As far as I can recall, it was basically a picture of Lisa Simpson playing the saxophone on a blue background. Totally worth the pain of waiting about ten years to see each edit via dial-up.

Career-wise, it’s been a bit of a wiggly journey since then. I co-founded an ethical clothing line and a photo library, became a teacher, led forest school sessions, dabbled in journalism and copywriting and finally found my way back to the joy of building websites.

Thankfully the internet is a bit faster nowadays!

As you can tell, I’m good at taking on new challenges, making a plan and making it happen. My brain thrives on puzzles and I love finding creative solutions to problems. I like to think I would’ve been at Bletchley Park if born at a different time.

So if you fancy working with someone who can quickly understand where you’re coming from, collaborate with you on creative ideas and then wrestle with the tech to get it done, I’m your (Bletchley) woman.

And if you need a picture of Lisa Simpson on a blue background, I’m all over it.


Why choose me to build your website?

My track record

I leave behind me a trail of happy customers, like Hansel and Gretel with bread. See some of my work and testimonials from clients on my portfolio page.

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Our shared values

Do you want to make your business more sustainable? Do you respect the privacy and time of your customers? Me too! Let’s walk the walk of the talk we’re talking and get you a lovely sustainable website.

I used to be a teacher

I can explain complex concepts in a way a six-year-old can understand. And we can finish calls with story time or a song if you like.

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We can have a laugh

Like this: hahahahahahaha.

Who do I work with?

I’m particularly good at untangling social enterprise websites. But as long as you’re not evil, let’s talk.

Are you


Book a call, I’d love to meet you.