I'm trying my best

to do my best

For the planet

Well not really for the planet, the planet will be broadly fine, but we seem to be hell-bent on making it uninhabitable for humans. It’s a huge, global, overwhelming job to try and reverse this climate shit-show. So I’m starting with the little things within my control, like my business.

We’re all so smugly paperless nowadays but did you know it takes huge amounts of energy to power the digital world? When you load a webpage, energy is used by data centres, transmission networks and your device.

Apparently when you add it up the internet uses as much energy as the whole of the UK. You can use this tool from the exceptionally lovely people at Wholegrain Digital to see how much C02 any website uses.

So what am I doing about it?


I use a website host which runs on 100% green power in energy-efficient data centres. They also plant a load of trees. I also recommend Krystal to my clients (that isn’t an affiliate link, but if you fancy it, this one is. Mama’s gotta eat).

Efficient websites

I do my best to make your site as lean as possible. I hate clutter in real life, too, so it isn’t a stretch to want to make sites with the fewest plugins and strip out anything in the front or back end that doesn’t serve the purpose of the site and your business.

Making the sites more efficient also includes stuff like optimising images, minimising the size of font files, and setting up caching. I don’t code sites from scratch, but use a builder called Elementor, so I do my best to make efficiencies within this.

It’s something I’m learning about all the time and will keep getting better.


I use Ecosia as my default search engine, which plants trees every time I look something up.

What else?

I don’t fly to work. Though this is helped by the fact that I work in my flat or in a cafe or co-working space down the road.

What's next?

I am planning on signing up for 1% for the Planet, where I donate 1% of my yearly revenue to charities that are working on climate change, pollution or biodiversity.


Giant tech companies have their creepy fingers poked into so many areas of our lives now and the things they do are pretty gross. I’ve started the process of extracting myself and my business from their privacy-invading clutches.


Most people end up using Google Analytics, probably because it is free. And the reason it is free is that it makes money off the ridiculous amount of data they have on people.

I don’t use it.

I’m interested in where people have come across my site, so I do use analytics to see where in the world they are and what websites are linking to me. However, I use Microanalytics, which doesn’t obtain or store private data on visitors. It’s also really lightweight, which helps with website efficiency and it is run on renewable energy, too.

If you are my client and set on using Google Analytics on your site, I’m not going to stop you. However, I’d recommend – as I do with every software or plugin – taking a step back to assess what you really need.

What data are you interested in and – crucially – actually going to do something with? Do you need all the detail you get with Google Analytics? It has a pretty complex interface with loads of info that most businesses never look at. It’s also a bigger beast than privacy-focused software.

Is it worth the effect on site speed to get that data? I’m always happy to help people make the switch so it can take no effort on your part.

Social media

I came off Instagram (owned by Facebook/Meta) for my business. If you would like to connect, find me on LinkedIn. Still to do: wean myself off my personal account and obsessive scrolling.


I’m part of a community of business owners and freelancers who don’t want to rely on Facebook, Google or marketing techniques that fuel surveillance capitalism.

While I’m not yet divested of these companies completely, I’m working on it. Have a look on the Below Radar website if you’d like to find out more. There are loads of resources to help you move all sorts of areas of your life and business to more private places.


I switched from Chrome to Firefox. Did you know Chrome even tracks what you think about  searching for, when you type but don’t press enter? Ew.

Firefox doesn’t do that. Ecosia, the search engine I mentioned above, is also privacy-focused and doesn’t track you.

What's next?

I currently have my business email with Google Workspace and I am planning on migrating to the privacy-focused Fastmail. Just need to figure out where I want to move my docs and stuff.

Ethical marketing

I have pledged via The Ethical Move to put the person before the sale, communicate inclusively, truthfully, and clearly, and take responsibility for my part in changing the marketplace. So I won’t bullshit you. If I’m not the right person for your project, I’ll tell you. If something is outside my skill set, I’ll tell you. I try to be as honest as I can. And I won’t end my prices with a nine.

If you would like me to work on your website, get in touch.