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Sustainable websites for social enterprises

Get a website that makes as much impact as you do

Does your social enterprise need a website?

Every social enterprise should have a website. With a website, you have your own home on the internet.

Unlike social media, or a profile on someone else’s website, no one can suddenly take it away from you or change the algorithm so no one sees it.

Your website helps you:

  • Reach your beneficiaries and/or customers, letting them book, enrol or buy
  • Keep people up to date with your current opening times and event dates
  • Share the logos of funders and partners you work with
  • Show potential funders and partners what you do
  • Share your latest news and achievements
  • Advertise jobs and volunteer roles
  • Publish your impact reports

Maybe you already have a website.

You started small, with one or two people and a great idea. As your organisation has grown and developed, so has your website.

You now have a few different audiences using your site, looking for different services and information. They get confused, as it’s not clear where they need to click and what’s in it for them.


But is it a bit rubbish?

Perhaps you made it yourself and (no offence) it looks a bit amateur and shonky. Or worse – like something from the mid-90s.

Or perhaps someone else did you a cheap ‘n’ cheerful starter site but you have no idea how to update it, make changes, or fix it when it goes wrong. And it keeps going wrong.


Breathe a sigh of relief

I can help.

Hi, I’m Molly. I’ll sort out the mess you’ve got yourself in, and get you clear on your different audiences and your messaging. I’ll take charge of the project, and design, build and deliver the website your social enterprise needs.

"We'd grown from a voluntary project into a larger organisation quite slowly, so our website was 'patchy'. Added to that, we needed a custom booking system that needed to feel effortless to use for a number of users - and this is not easy to find!

We found the whole process - of asking the right questions, clarifying what needed to be said AND calmly instigating the tech side just great. 

We have already seen the benefits of the new site. Thank you, Molly!"

Here's my face

Why choose me as your social enterprise web designer?


I’m good at quickly understanding a situation, untangling ideas and bringing clarity. You’re a small team with big ideas and no marketing/comms/anything department. I’ll be your sounding board and problem solver.

I’ll help you get clear on your website goals, make a manageable plan and make it happen.

Clear costs

I give you a quote, and that’s what it will cost (including ongoing maintenance). If there is potential for extra elements to cost extra, you’ll know that from the start.

This means you can draw up your budgets and funding applications with confidence.

But, but, but (AKA some FAQs)

A quality website does have a price tag. See below for my packages. But I’m cheaper than an agency. So you’re paying less to get a personal, empathetic relationship.

Plus, you can include my fee in your next funding bid. I know what it’s like running a social enterprise on a shoestring and volunteered hours. Your website is an investment, but it’s worth it.

I guess. But will it look good? Do you know what you’re doing with regards to user journeys? Accessibility? SEO? Image optimisation?

Trying to get to grips with all of that as well as the technology will cost you so much of your precious time.

And if a friend’s brother-in-law is offering to do it for free I would give that a wide berth. All the pitfalls of a DIY job without in-depth knowledge of your organisation. Eek.

I hear you! Your time is an overmined resource. I can generally get everything I need from a few calls.

I’m a fast learner and getting-to-the-heart-of-an-organisation-er. I’ll need things from you like images and logos, but then you don’t need to think about it until it’s time to give me some feedback.

I know what it’s like to have lots of demands on your attention and 30 tabs open in your brain at once. I’ll be in charge of the website tab.

If your social enterprise is – let’s say – charmingly petite, you could still benefit from a website. Even if it’s a one-pager that briefly tells people who you are and where you are.

Book a free call with me and I can tell you what you need for this stage of your journey. And a small website can help you get bigger (if that’s what you want).

In an ideal worlds, yes. And if you have that, then great.

If not, not to worry. I can sort you out with a simple logo, a colour palette and fonts.

Leave it all to me. I’ll make sure you know what I’m doing, but I never use jargon to confuse you. I used to be a primary school teacher, so can explain everything to you in a way a six year old could understand.

You’ll get videos showing you how to tweak words on your site, update your blog and add stuff like new events.

My maintenance plan also includes 10 minutes of content changes each month so you might not even need to use the videos.

I can tell you. I never advise people to spend money on stuff they don’t actually need. Just the stuff that will get you where you want to go.

Book a call and we can figure it out together.

Website packages

All my packages include:

  • Idea untangling and clarity
  • Copywriting
  • Responsive design
  • Mailing list integration
  • Technical SEO setup
  • 1 year of green, fast hosting
  • 1 year of maintenance
  • Clear, honest, empathetic commiunication

Things that could cost a little extra:

  • Branding (logo etc)
  • Booking system setup
  • Online shop setup


I’ll always tell you these costs up front so you can plan your budget with no suprises.

A white leaf icon.

1 page site

Ideal for: newer organisations who need a simple web presence to get started


A white tree icon.

5 page site

Ideal for: established organisations whose current site is letting them down


A white line drawing of a forest.

10 page site

Ideal for: growing organisations with multiple services and audiences


Web design for charities

Is your organisation a charity, not a social enterprise? Read this page again and just replace the words ‘social enterprise’ with ‘charity’. Then contact me: I’ll be happy to help.

Small business or freelancer?

If you’re not evil, we can talk.