Molly gets it done.

How green is your website?

Does it stink, and what can you do about it?

Did you know your website has a carbon footprint?

I’m so sorry if you didn’t. I hate to give people another thing to feel guilty about.

The cloud isn’t really a cloud. Your site is stored in a data centre which uses energy to run and to cool itself down. Every time someone visits a page on your site, energy is used to get that data transferred. 

The bigger your website files, the more energy needed. And generally, more energy means more greenhouse gas emissions.


So what is the carbon footprint of your website?

No idea?

Or maybe you’ve run your homepage through a carbon calculator, but you don’t know what the numbers mean.

And you don’t know how to get them lower.

Not to worry: I can help.

Your green website audit

When you book your green website audit, I’ll analyse your site, prepare a report and we’ll have a Zoom call to talk it through.

You’ll go away with an understanding of the current environmental impact of your website and a plan for the action you can take to reduce it.

"The results were fascinating. Molly offered useful tips to reduce the environmental impact of my website that felt realistic and easy to implement. She also provided a super helpful report after the session that I could refer back to.

I’d recommend the audit to anyone who has a website!"
A photo of Sarah Fox, coach.
Sarah Fox

What do you get?

How much is it?


"It was a real eye opener. Molly not only presented us with the results but also gave us proactive solutions so we can try and improve our site.

I have gone from knowing nothing about this to working through what we can improve on our website to make it genuinely greener."
A photo of Jon Richards, designer.
Jon Richards

Keep having a powerful impact on your customers. Reduce your impact on the environment.