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Sustainable website design

Big impact on your customers, low impact on the planet

Is your website a bit rubbish?

Maybe you made it yourself and (no offence) it looks a bit amateur and shonky. Or worse, like something from the mid-90s.

Maybe your brother-in-law’s mate did it for free and you have no idea how add stuff to it or fix it when it goes wrong. And it keeps going wrong.

Maybe it just no longer fits you and your business.

Don’t worry, I can sort it.

Is your website destroying the world?

Your current website might be puffing out a big cloud of greenhouse gas every time someone clicks on it.

You might be chucking a load of cookies at them and tracking them all round the internet, lining the pockets of those billionaire tech bros we all know and hate.

Don’t worry, I can sort it.


What is a sustainable website anyway?

"Molly was great to work with. She was responsive and creative in her approach to making my website, at all times keeping the user in mind.

I’d highly recommend her as a website designer."
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No cookies or invasive tracking. (You still get analytics!)

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Each page of your site should produce less than 0.5g of C02 per visit.

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Optimised for speed and for your customers to take action.

Website packages

You’ll get a website that:

Your package includes:

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1 page site

Ideal for: newer businesses who need a simple web presence


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5 page site

Ideal for: established businesses whose current site is letting them down


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10 page site

Ideal for: growing businesses with multiple services


"We found the whole process - of asking the right questions, clarifying what needed to be said AND calmly instigating the tech side just great. 

We have already seen the benefits of the new site. Thank you, Molly!"
A photo of Rebecca Tully of Kids Kitchen.
Rebecca Tully
Kids Kitchen

Maintenance plan

I will build your website on WordPress, which needs regular checks and updates. With my maintenance plan, I sort all of this out so you don’t need to worry about it.

It also includes fast, green hosting, privacy-friendly visitor analytics and 10 minutes of content updates each month.

Let’s keep your site working, secure and looking good. Find out more about the maintenance plan (the first year is included in your website package).

The process

We have an initial call to talk about your project and see if we click. If we get on like a house on fire (maybe you also love Taskmaster?) we sort timeframes, money and contracts via email.

Depending on how much we covered in our first call and how much I know about your business, I might send you a questionnaire and and arrange another call to dive deeper into what you need. After this I plan stuff like the site map, the user journey and how it will look.

I ‘ll write the copy (words) for your site.

I also need images and branding assets. If that sounds overwhelming or out of reach, don’t worry! I help you figure it out and provide a portal for you to chuck it all in (not to another dimension, just in Notion).

I build. I show you a page once I’ve got going so we’re both confident it’s 100% nailing the brief. And after this I regularly update you on my progress.

I show you the full site in all its glory. You give me feedback and I act on it. I make the amendments and adjustments needed so that we are both delighted with it.

We launch. Our baby is all grown up and out there in the world. We wipe a tear from our eye while also drawing up plans to turn its bedroom into a home gym.

This is where you start shouting about your site and showing it off to all your friends.

And I fiddle around sorting the last bits of SEO and speed optimisation stuff.

If you want to, we’ll have a training session on Zoom where I show you how to make copy changes yourself.

We will have talked about my website maintenance plan way back in steps 1 and 2 and you’ll be signed up. We get to continue working together as I take care of your site each month.

I’ll keep it secure, speedy and serving your business goals.

"If you want someone that empathises with your vision, understands your concept and knows how to translate and execute to a finished product, then choose Molly."


Both! I design how your site will work and how it will look. Then I build it.

I don’t code from scratch. I use a page builder called Elementor to create your site in WordPress. This is not the same as using a template. I start with a blank canvas and can sort out each detail down to the pixel.

Not quite. I’m working on it, but until my coding skills mean I can build entirely from scratch I’m doing the best I can.

Depending on who you ask, the average web page produces between 1.76g and 5g of CO2 per visit. I aim to make pages that produce less than 0.5g per visit. Which I’m pretty proud of!

And I’m cheaper than developers who can get it much lower. So if you are trying to balance your green goals with your budget, I could be the answer.

Also, the size of your site’s files will depend on what it needs to contain.

It takes time, effort, knowledge, software, skills and creativity to make an amazing website. And the person with those things (me) needs food and shelter.

Quick! Grab a bargain before I get over my imposter syndrome and start charging more.

We’re all curious about how many people are finding our sites and where they’ve clicked through from.

But you need to be clear on your marketing goals and what you want to do with that data before choosing a tool to get it. And a lighter, privacy-respecting tool could be the right choice.

I’m happy to talk it through with you: book a free call.

I’ll be happy to answer it. Just get in contact with me.

"We had a fairly complicated brief and Molly was able to very calmly and expertly help us to figure out how we needed our site to look, feel and function.

She worked really quickly to get our idea off the ground and worked with us throughout the process to build something that we are really happy with.

Molly helped us to bring our idea to life and we’re incredibly grateful."
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Isabel and Lucy

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